Between the World and Me - Ta-Nehisi Coates

Between the World and Me

By Ta-Nehisi Coates

  • Release Date: 2015-07-14
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
  • Book: Between the World and Me
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User reviews about the book

  • Guidance

    By Epiph323
    This book not only helped me have an honest conversation with myself but prepared me for future conversations with my children.
  • Uninspiring

    By jcrochford
    Reading Ta-Nehisi Coates' newest book, Between the World and Me, I was reminded of a lecture given by George Falconer, the protagonist in Christopher Isherwood's A Single Man, who says to his students, “A minority has its own kind of aggression. It absolutely dares the majority to attack it. It hates the majority–not without a cause, I grant you. It even hates the other minorities, because all minorities are in competition: each one proclaims that its sufferings are the worst and its wrongs are the blackest.” I bring this up because Mr. Coates strikes me as a very angry man–not without a cause, I grant you. But his book, indeed, dares the majority to attack it; to proffer an experience that differs from his own; to challenge him by pointing out that the black and white that he describes are not always so simple, but sometimes very gray. Ta-Nehisi Coates strikes me as a man that, despite his case for reparations (see the Atlantic Monthly of June 2014), actually seeks revenge. I detect an attitude in Mr. Coates' that speaks not of healing and of a “transcendent vision for a way forward”, but of the fomenting of a generational hatred of those he perceives to be not only his own oppressors, but the future oppressors of his teenage son. If Mr. Coates wants revenge, perhaps he should plainly say so; it certainly sounds to me as if it's what he means to say.
  • Very Good Short Read

    By Boo88tb
    Well written, very applicable to so many black folks today. It verbalized so many of the same feelings that I had been having since the beginning of the rash of killings of unarmed black men over the last few years. Highly recommended!
  • Powerful Message

    By Kbodal
    This is a great book with a powerful message and written from first hand experience and knowledge. It is an easy read and a discourse we should all have.
  • Powerful

    By C1fan
    Must read.
  • Honesty is Our Only Hope

    By BrerBearPlace
    We Americans have been in a downward spiral, a maelstrom of racism since Europeans landed here. It has all been a pitiful rationalization of white laziness that somehow justified the enslavement of others. We still have not come to terms with that enslavement and degradation in the aftermath that continues to this day. There is no polite way to discuss this. The only way to face and overcome this endemic social disease is to honestly face this reality and shine a painfully bright light on it and ALL of our responsibility for this, OUR reality. ‘Between the World and Me’ is a great step in the right direction- read it!
  • Must read

    By Mcloving Edward
    Must read. Will recommend this to any African American young adult
  • Amazing

    By The Podson
    Amazing book
  • Moving yet easy to read

    By t master
    what an incredible book for me, a rich white young male from an affluent part of Philadelphia, to read. I have seen the struggle and the ghettos and been inside of them, but this book put me inside those shoes. Absolute must read
  • "Between the World and Me"

    By Bifbil
    A 'stream of consciousness' that rushes onto each page as testimony of a black author growing up in the inner-city, USA. I found the pace and reality experience of this Author to be an honest, angry, fearful, and ultimately a cleansing life-driven search for the very integrity of black lives in America; the quest for "the dream" and ultimately, abandoning the persuasion of the "dream" as false motivation whereas the journey of our lives unfolds with whatever quests & questions we choose to pursue. I highly recommend this Author for a gripping and well articulated pursuit of questions wrapped in Black-skin pigmentation, the sole difference among all humans who inhabit planet Earth.

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