Rise of the Valiant (Kings and Sorcerers—Book 2) - Morgan Rice

Rise of the Valiant (Kings and Sorcerers—Book 2)

By Morgan Rice

  • Release Date: 2015-04-17
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Book: Rise of the Valiant (Kings and Sorcerers—Book 2)
Rise of the Valiant (Kings and Sorcerers—Book 2) book review score

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 203 Ratings)

Rise of the Valiant (Kings and Sorcerers—Book 2) Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Rise of the Valiant (Kings and Sorcerers—Book 2) is a great book. Our editors rated it with a top 5 stars.

User reviews about the book

  • rise of the valiant

    By simbahkimbah
    normally never pick up this kind of book- gladly surprized and enjoying the series. love the way its written.
  • Needs a good editor

    By Not far out
    I have not written a book review before but feel the need to do so with this Morgan Rice’s series. This fantasy is a great story line but there are so many errors with grammar, typos, use of wrong names, calling he a she, forgetting that a villain was killed in another book but wreaking havoc in another (unless it is a flashback to previous but no indication so far in Book 4), and the redundancy in repeating the same sentences or phrases in the same paragraph or page. All books have some errors missed by editors but how an editor can miss so many in this series is beyond me, especially since the readers are catching them. I will finish all the books in the series but the lack of sentence fluency, word choice, and organization, as well as, grammatical errors are interfering with my total engagement.
  • Waiting for the Land Sharks

    By John Frosted
    Well written characters, but the author seems to like throwing impossible challenges against them over and over them instead better character development. If you are not a main character in this story, then you are cannon fodder, ready to be eaten, stabbed, drowned, pushed off a cliff, or simply wasted for plot effect. The author had come up with very inventive ways to die, but there is just too much of it. Life for the secondly unnamed characters is too cheap, especially when the sun is out, a few puffy clouds are in the air, and everything is doing well. That’s the time something new pops up to start munching on everybody. There are just too many unexplained, uncoordinated and unjustified teeth in this story to make it very good. My only positive comment is I want to know what happens next...
  • The story is good but the writing is god awful

    By Zigmundites
    These people giving it 3-5 stars must not value good writing. I Rice has some decent characters and a mediocre plot but he really needs an editor. I read the whole series because I have a personal rule to finish a series I start but this series was the hardest read ever. Every single book is littered with typos and grammatical errors. He calls characters by the wrong name when clearly talking about other characters. I think the worst part about his writing though is he constantly repeats the sentences and events that should be singular such as "for the first time in his/her life." Kyra feels like she is going to die/feels loved/feels alive/knows her purpose for the first time ever about 87 times each throughout the series. These books seriously are just a cash grab by Rice who cranks them out super fast and doesn't bother with anyone to edit it or read it or if he does he should fire them and let my 7 month old do it. He can't do any worse. Don't waste your time the mediocrity of the books is not worth the trash writing.
  • Poorly written

    By Acesilvermen
    What a waste of money. So many inconsistencies. After she threw her staff pieces at the octopus before she went over the falls, how did she suddenly have it when they fought the army to free the girls? The characters always knowing they were about to die is getting old. They also keep having the same conversations over and over. I doubt I'll continue with this series. A waste of time.
  • Very repetitive

    By Bob’s imac
    The writing style of this book is bad!!! I like the story and characters, but it is way too repetitive. Every chapter ends with someone knowing that they are going to die now (which they never do) or knowing that they have found their destiny. And the spelling and grammatical errors are horrendous.
  • Repetitions

    By Popper427
    Usage of repetitions often and frequent even in the same paragraph. Her heart sank, his heart sank etc., not enough personality in character. A lot of typos and grammar errors. I enjoyed the first book, but could not finish this book. Story also try to extend with more useless words or adding additional unnecessary info. Descriptions of almost everything is vague.
  • What a shame….

    By J___square
    There are some really good themes that are explored in this book (like young women’s empowerment); and the author brings many creatures and environments to life that make a vivid and interesting world, but there are also some shocking moments of character rip-offs (um, we all saw “300” Morgan Rice, you can do better). The real shame though, is the astonishingly bad editing throughout the book. I really think the reading of this book would have been significantly improved by simple attention to keeping the names of characters and places consistent and less repetitious narrative. Too, too bad, it could have been a classic….
  • Horribly disappointing

    By GammaPro
    The book has good ideas, but horrible execution in the writing. Cliffhanger chapter endings when you know the writer won't let any real harm come to the character. The armies in this book defy all practical tactical logic.
  • Great story!

    By Dreadhead-original
    I'm enjoying these books a lot and can't wait for number 3 to release! Thanks to a wonderful author and story writer.

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