Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari

Modern Romance

By Aziz Ansari

  • Release Date: 2015-06-16
  • Genre: Humor
  • Book: Modern Romance
Modern Romance book review score

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 650 Ratings)

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Modern Romance is a great book. Our editors rated it with a top 5 stars.

User reviews about the book

  • Love it

    By Loveyouchristina!
    And I knew I would. Aziz is one of the more smarter comedians in this day and age so I knew that any book written by him would not only be super funny but educational too. I learned and laughed a lot from this book and I'm sure anyone who picks it up will too.
  • Modern Romance

    By Steinman12
    This book is fantastic. A comedian takes a sociological perspective on today's dating scene and it could not be any more interesting. Aziz did an incredible amount of research for this project and it shows. For me, a lot of this book was very relatable and it helped me realize that I'm not the only person out there feeling and experiencing the same things. This book made me change the way I approach life and that's what a good book is supposed to do.
  • Interesting and Funny

    By Eeeeyaaaaahhh
    Loved it!

    By yg_0708
    I have not finished reading the book, but so far it's hilarious. I can literally imagine, and hear Aziz saying all his remarks in this book. This book was not meant to give you advice in how to get a date, but to state the obvious and make fun of it. If you like Aziz then you will enjoy this book. Highly recommend.
  • Excellent depiction of romance today.

    By Er678
    Ansari injects comedy into the complicated world of dating and young adulthood. Guaranteed to make you laugh at yourself and his hilarious pop culture references.
  • Funny and Insightful

    By Ya Boy James
    Hilarious and all too truthful look at the crazy world of modern dating. Home run for Aziz.

    By DonnieD4kum
    This is the first book I'm reading in a long while and by far the best!! Wow! This has opened my mind so much to what is going on today. Unbelievably exciting read! Would definitely recommend this to anyone
  • Oh, Modern Romance!

    By XOGabbsz
    Absolutely great read! I'm so glad I picked this! I have a better understanding of whyyyyy Romance today is the way it is. From the studies to the comedy, Aziz did his thing!
  • Great read!!

    By Mandyprodancer
    I could chalk this up with all other self-help books on relationships and just let it simmer in mediocrity, but I can't. It would not do this book justice. This book is a hilarious and honest take on romance in the 21st century, more specifically, this current decade! It leaves the reader and its intended audience with an opportunity to bond with other readers on a common, ongoing pursuit. While several factors were eliminated for simplicity and book length, it presents the reader with a bottom line: establishing a balance in the changes provided to us through technology and the person created in that world versus the life we live tangibly. Achieving this will give us the best shot at finding the ONE we want to love. Any book at encourages its readers to embrace change and keep in touch with reality is solid, in my honest opinion! He can't stop here! This book needs a sequel to explore other factors!
  • Modern Romance

    By bretticusmanchester
    A few funny and witty remarks, some interesting data, and an easy read. Heteronormative and limited in scope by necessity, but altogether a quick insightful look at romance in our hyper-technological world and society.

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