The Big Miss - Hank Haney

The Big Miss

By Hank Haney

  • Release Date: 2012-03-27
  • Genre: Golf
  • Book: The Big Miss
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User reviews about the book

  • The Big Miss

    By Il Voce
    Talk about a Big Miss! If you want to read a story about why Hank Haney is the greatest golf instructor alive as told by Hank Haney, this is the book for you.
  • Tattletale

    By Nick Weston
    Some really interesting stuff here...but this book is like your housekeeper writing a tell-all about your sex life. I do not understand how Haney rationalizes this book to himself. Despite enjoying some of the inside stories and wisdom, I think Haney is a reprehensible opportunist here, willing to sell out his former client for $$$$$$
  • Not Your Place to speak, Hank.

    By David122
    Hank Haney was not right to write a book about personal and private moments coaching Tiger Woods. I have no respect for him in writing this book and feel sorry for Tiger having his personal life looked at under a microscope in the book and in other forms of media. I wish there was a way for this book to be taken off the market because Hank Haney should be thanking Tiger for all of the years of coaching him, not selling his private moments with Tiger and looking to make more money. Hank Haney owes all of his fame to Tiger Woods for making his teaching popular. Hank Haney was nothing before Tiger came to him for coaching.
  • Interesting

    By BadAssYellowBoi
    Very interesting and fair read for anyone who has followed Tiger throughout his career and is miffed at his fall from grace. A must read for anyone who is a fan or student of the great game of golf.
  • Over-hyped

    By Chris v baby
    This book was just over rated. It affirms our beliefs that Tiger is a cheap, arrogant, guy who never seems he can enjoy his accomplishments. I've always been a fan of his play but all Hank does is pat himself and Tiger on the back. A somewhat boring read
  • Outstanding

    By @brettniems
    If you are a golf fan, or a tiger fan (or like myself-both), this is the book you absolutely need to read. Hank haney did a great job writing a detailed account of his experiences with tiger. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and finished it in less than 24 hours. I thought he was fair to tiger as well-this was not a "bash tiger" book no matter what you've heard or read about it
  • Great book!

    By Jonathan Barron
    Very much enjoyed hank's writing and telling of the story. Thanks, hank!
  • The Big Miss

    By Accivatti
    Good book. It's cool how Hank tries to get in the mind of Tiger and lay it on paper. Hank also seems defensive when compared to Butch in some ways, but overall interesting how Tiger lived pre-scandal.
  • The Book Miss

    By Rchapant
    Haney was in an extraordinary position working with one of the greatest Golfers ever. His books goes a long way to show that Tiger is not an exemplary person or friend and seems to be selfish and awkward socially. Haney made this point early in the book, but continued to hammer away at it until the end. I was waiting for the Chapter where Haney stood up to Tiger and told him face to face and direct what he thought about Tiger's swing issues and practice habits (or lack of practice, such as on his short game). Not in emails. Why would you work with Tiger for years and not require him to engage in an open and honest conversation with you about what you are both thinking and feeling about your coaching and his learning. Haney feels that it was within his rights to write a book about Tiger because it was His Experiences with Tiger. I believe the book was a total violation of Tiger's personal life and a violation of a Coach-Athlete relationship. Haney spoke about Tiger never really letting him in or never really opening up to him. If Tiger had opened up to Haney, what, Haney would have had a few more chapters in his book and could have further violated Tiger's privacy to the world. I was a big Tiger fan and a Hank Haney fan. I am still a fan of both. But I think less of each of them. Go Tiger! Rich C.
  • Phenomenal Book

    By SteeleD11
    I'm left with my heart pounding, wanting more.. Why did this book have to end??? I read the last page with Arnold Palmers opinion over and over somehow hoping the book could continue. One could only imagine what served as his ultimate intrinsic motivator and the thoughts pondered upon him as he rests his head on the pillow at night. Witnessing greatness had to have been dream like and Tiger's father Earl was correct in his prediction of his son being more influential than Ghandi because he is. I want to know what makes Tiger tick and like you said Hank, that mystery is what makes him great. We will never see another Eldrick Tont Woods, and this book was fabulous from start to finish. So amazed with the precision of dates in combination with detailed conversations that occurred everyday.. It means you viewed what was occurring as being so special that you kept a journal each day of your every encounter with Tiger Woods. I could hope to one day read a book as great as this one. My fascination with Tiger Woods will never subside.

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