The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit

By Charles Duhigg

  • Release Date: 2012-02-28
  • Genre: Management & Leadership
  • Book: The Power of Habit
The Power of Habit book review score

4 Score: 4 (From 1,564 Ratings)

The Power of Habit Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

The Power of Habit is a great book. Our editors rated it with a top 5 stars.

User reviews about the book

  • An excellent book.

    By Mfb11223
    Good reading, but most importantly: useful. Bravo!
  • Addictive on multiple dimensions

    By ybay91
    It’s been along time since I completely finished a book. With the most books you gain the basic idea within the first couple chapters, and the rest is just an expose and a bunch of examples of that core idea. In this book, however, the idea is continuously developed throughout the book, with addictive stories, written in an insanely engaging and compelling way. The book is itself an example of what it preaches. A habit loop. The cue is a story about someone with a problem, you then read the section, and gain the reward of understanding how it was fixed, and how that solution continues the narrative of the story. Fascinating read.
  • Great Framework

    By bootsyrubberband
    This book has helped identify triggers, and provides hope that change will occur.

    By Defrenchfry
    This book truly opened my eyes to some of my greatest faults which were habits that formed without my knowing. It's showed me some of my terrible eating habits like late night snaking and how little habits like how I place my phone when I got to bed can change how I wake up and my energy level. This book can help you take control of your life and prevent mindless walking through life because of ones habits. I truest think everyone should read this book at least once.
  • A fascinating journey of self exploration

    By Tahera N
    The book creates a fascinating understanding of our human nature.
  • I had it for free but bought it anyway 😜

    By Fas556
    I got this book for free but I found it very helpful that I wanted to pay for however made it. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  • Great Book

    By Gdsrhj
    This is a very well written book. It is also full of insightful assertions, backed up with excellent research. I learned a lot, and really enjoyed the read!
  • Very helpful

    By UndeadScooterKidd
    Loved it! I liked the fact that it scientifically proves that habits can be developed for he good, and gives you a simple method for establishing good ones.
  • Recommended for Change Management

    By MluvzGB
    Enjoyable read! Includes details about change management that can be applied to a variety of organizations.
  • One of the most important books I've ever read

    By Beairk
    The material is potentially life altering, and the author explains in completely accessible ways and in the context of some terrific stories. This is one of the most important books I've read, and if there is anything about your life that you'd like to change, this book could be of great help.

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