The Happiest Baby on the Block - Harvey Karp, M.D.

The Happiest Baby on the Block

By Harvey Karp, M.D.

  • Release Date: 2002-05-28
  • Genre: Parenting
  • Book: The Happiest Baby on the Block
The Happiest Baby on the Block book review score

4 Score: 4 (From 272 Ratings)

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The Happiest Baby on the Block is a great book. Our editors rated it with a top 5 stars.

User reviews about the book

  • Love it

    By Kholloud
    I love the book so much that I want Dr Harvey to have some sort of live chat to talk to him. He gets me in a certain way that even my mom didn't (she keep saying I forgot about it long time ago deal with it) or mother in law ( I don't know what to do) ... My husband and I felt he is a savor I wish he continue telling us what to do after 4 month of age ... Is it too much to ask lol.
  • Good but…

    By ecotorium
    I thought the advice was great however I think the important parts could adequately be summed up in a few paragraphs. The book restated the same thing so many times. The techniques have definitely helped and made so much sense but an entire book was unnecessary.
  • Scary!

    By Ash1320
    As a soon-to-be first time mom, I'm reading lots of books. Knowledge is power! This book, however, made me feel less empowered and more afraid/sad. I get that this book is probably very helpful for some parents. For me, it just gave me a dozen new fears. I'd recommend this book for anyone who already has a colicky baby, not for expecting parents. Maybe my opinion will change when my little one arrives?
  • Helpful but somewhat overrated

    By Just saying....
    The book itself was helpful in identifying ways to help soothe a baby however, it was also somewhat repetitive and lengthy. All this information could have been condensed into half the amount of pages. Although the 5 S's are helpful and in some cases crucial to help calm babies it failed to catch my attention. I started reading this book due to the high ratings but it fell short of expectations. It was helpful but nothing that you wouldn't be able to find in other books... Not to mention some parts were very hard to keep my eyes open. I just wasn't impressed.
  • Happiest Baby on the Block

    By 20gb
    I wish I read this sooner. We were swaddling and swinging, with white noise but not doing all five things the correct way. As a result, our little one was a pretty good baby, but getting him to sleep could take quite some time. Now, it takes 5-10 minutes and occasionally I do it before we get to the sucking stage....
  • Not worth your time

    By Laser claw
    While the information is helpful, the author rephrases the same information over and over and over again. There is maybe 20 pages of useful info here. Just google "5S's"
  • This book was a lifesaver!!!

    By Mamadiosa
    I am so grateful that this book came into our lives. It should be a mandatory read for all new parents.
  • The best. A lifesaver for baby and mommy.

    By runningworkingmom
    For once here is a parenting book with real practical techniques. Our son became fussier his 2nd month of life and we couldn't figure out what to do and how to sooth him. After reading this book and applying the techniques he is now much more content and sleeps longer. We are much more confident as parents too. This is a must read for parents with fussy babies!!!
  • Waisted time and money

    By Fotkorr
    Save your money for diapers and your time for your precious one - this book is not worth it. What the author writes here could fit into the magazine article (and I'm pretty sure it did - just do the simple google search about 5's) he repeats the same stuff over and over again... I gave up on the page 80+ and just read what he was talking about on the internet. So disappointed...
  • Excellent, but long-winded

    By mjbishop
    The information in this book is absolutely essential, but as a busy, expecting parent, I would have loved a 10-page pamphlet that lists the 5 S'es, with a short explanation as to why it works, how to do it, including a diagram. That's the meat of the book, and it's important.

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