Last Dog on the Hill - Steve Duno

Last Dog on the Hill

By Steve Duno

  • Release Date: 2010-06-22
  • Genre: Pets
  • Book: Last Dog on the Hill
Last Dog on the Hill book review score

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 177 Ratings)

Last Dog on the Hill Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Last Dog on the Hill is a great book. Our editors rated it with a top 5 stars.

User reviews about the book

  • Last Dog on the Hill

    By Spindlespinner
    This was an exceptional book. I learned so much about dog training, but more than that, about the relationship between the author and his remarkable dog Lou. I did not want the book to ever end. It inspired me to order more books by this author.
  • Extraordinary! Highly Recommended

    By Melanie001
    This book rates in the top two dog stories I've had the pleasure of reading (the other being "Following Atticus" by Tom Ryan.) Steve Duno writes an endearing and often very funny memoir about his 16 years with Lou, a brilliant, lovable, athletic dog with élan and a sense of humor and fair play. Lots of people have dogs, then there are those of us whose dogs are an essential part of our lives and families: this book was written for those who fall into the second group. Very well-written and engrossing- get ready to be enchanted by Lou and his devoted owner.
  • Last Dog on the Hill

    By Zoe's rescuer!
    Knew I couldn't finish this without a good cry. Beautifully written with such love for his dog and the true understanding of what a dog can mean in your life. Have had to put a few over the rainbow bridge myself and truly believe we will be together again. Hope the author has shared his love with other fortunate dogs as we will always share our home with a furry friend in need of a home.
  • Last Dog on the Hill

    By susghost017
    An excellent book! For all dog owners, lovers and prospective dog owners .....This story was about the amazing dog, Lou and his owner, Steve. How Steve takes a feral dog from the wild and working as a team, the two develop extraordinary rapport and use it to successfully rehabilitate behavioral problems in thousands of dogs. The book is a quick read. It is filled with many enjoyable accounts of Steve and Lou's adventures, points in dog training and how dogs creep into your heart and soul when you are lucky enough to have one in your lif.
  • Good dog, Lou

    By Barb in Milton
    What a lovely love story. Here is a dog we all wish we could have had in our lives. God speed, Lou.
  • Loving Lou

    By Trouble an
    Your accounting of time spent with the best friend anyone could ever hope for touched me very deeply. I've had a few very special four legged best friends that I cherished to the very end. I have another big Rott laying across my feet as I write this review and undoubtedly this 2 year old will grace me with unprecedented companionship and enjoy a wonderful, yet way too short extraordinary life. Rower!
  • Wow. What a great story

    By Lhku
    I loved this book so much. So great to love a dog so much...I finished this in one day...and I am sitting here crying like a baby....
  • Outstanding!!!!!

    By littlelulu5463
    What a wonderful story. A must read for every dog lover. You will never forget the story of Lou.
  • Last Dog On The Hill

    By Aleanie
    This book touched my heart and also made me aware of what I didn't teach my dog! if you've every loved a dog so much during the good times and the bad you will understand the feelings of the author. definitely a book for animal lovers....others may not get it..
  • Ms.

    By Bonnie jayne
    This was a great book. If you have ever loved a dog, this is a must read Lou was an amazing dog. Steve an amazing writer.

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