The Three Theban Plays - Sophocles, Robert Fagles & Bernard Knox

The Three Theban Plays

By Sophocles, Robert Fagles & Bernard Knox

  • Release Date: 1984-02-07
  • Genre: Theater
  • Book: The Three Theban Plays
The Three Theban Plays book review score

3 Score: 3 (From 35 Ratings)

The Three Theban Plays Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

The Three Theban Plays is a great book. Our editors rated it with a top 5 stars.

User reviews about the book

  • Fair Edition

    By Silent Scribe
    Pretty great introductions, fair formatting, great footnotes but no links to them - that makes them just about worthless.
  • No stable location number...

    By The Hired Man
    Not only are the line numbers missing, but since iBooks doesn't allow you to view location numbers, there is no way to point to or cite a particular line of the play. Page numbers change depending on font choice and type size, and even if you specify these, the page numbers still shift with each update of the app or the operating system. This lack of a stable location number is a problem with ALL iBooks (in contrast to Kindle Books, which allow you to view the stable location numbers), but it’s a particular problem with texts like this one, where there are no chapters or division into acts and scenes. I teach at a school where we are trying to have our ninth graders read Oedipus the King on the iPad using this text, and it is a disaster. Even giving them a reading assignment is a nightmare. Showing the stable location numbers would be a simple function to add to iBooks, and until they do that, Kindle is a much better way to go, for all texts!
  • Line Numbers

    By ryost
    Line numbers are missing in this edition and that's a pretty critical aspect to leave out. If there were line numbers my rating would be much higher.

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