Educated - Tara Westover


By Tara Westover

  • Release Date: 2018-02-20
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
  • Book: Educated
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User reviews about the book

  • Educated

    By KentKirkland
    An amazing journey through early life of an extremely strong and talented woman.
  • Good

    By Maddy5990
    It’s a great read. Tara’s search for the truth between the ideologies she learned as a child and seeking a different perspective through education is amazing. At one point, I was afraid that she was going to give up everything and conform to her father’s way of life. No offense to Mormonism.
  • Educated

    By heathersm74
    I loved this book!
  • Terrifying, truthful and tortured.

    By tntcello
    In the frantically short time it took to read Tara Westover's "Educated" (I couldn't put it down), I lived the 27 years she narrates with such Beaty and pathos. I was as ignorant of the lifestyle she was born into as she was of the world around her and felt myself growing along with her. This book made me want to scream at her to love herself and reminded me to heed that advice myself. Brava brave Tara.
  • Read this now.

    By Goldilocks01
    Inspirational. Breathtaking. Everything you ever needed to read.
  • Education

    By TCMD1219
    Truly a remarkable book. Difficult to put down. Beautiful story of resiliency of a young woman.
  • Educated

    By Aceshtx
    Spellbinding account of how a child can overcome extreme lifestyles.
  • Education matters

    By NaplesBob
    Exceptional book by a courageous and talented writer! The author’s self discovery and passion for self improvement is very inspiring and should be required reading at the high school level.
  • Degenerate Anatomy

    By toddioDC
    It’s the easiest thing - to read Tara Westover’s harrowing memoir as the confirmation of everything an educated person knows to be wrong with America: her father, his Mormon faith, her family’s delusions; the fear and loathing, and paranoia; the absolute denial of facts and personal autonomy. Why shouldn’t we? Why should this testimony of the most profound human degeneracy - the demonization of knowledge; the vilification of civilization (which is precisely what makes libertarianism inimical to all basic human values) be any less towering a reference of our condition than say Tom Friedman’s “The World Is Flat”? Westover’s testament is not a caricature. She is not a state paid Russian troll. Her story is the ghoulish reality of Red state America: ignorant, bigoted, pathologically religiously abusive, and so thoroughly malevolent and moronic, no one would believe it were it not told in the first person by a brutalized escapee such as its author. Education makes you human. Welcome to the feral state of America.
  • Best book

    By Iowa Janae

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