Leonardo da Vinci - Walter Isaacson

Leonardo da Vinci

By Walter Isaacson

  • Release Date: 2017-10-17
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
  • Book: Leonardo da Vinci
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User reviews about the book

  • Disappointed

    By Emmet Aloysius
    I thought this would be a great book but did not finish. As another reviewer said it reads like a textbook and a tedious one at that. Some of his artwork is fascinating but reading this book is not. I will try his Benjamin Franklin instead. EAF III
  • Missing Pages

    By Josey86
    I’m not even halfway through the book yet, but I am missing at least two pages, one each at the end of two separate chapters. The last page I have of each of these chapters ends in the middle of the sentence, yet the next page is the next chapter. If I had known I wasn’t going to get the whole book I would have bought a hard copy. Hopefully this is fixed soon.
  • The Essence of Joy

    By Therealmemory
    Walter Isaacson has created a gift of joy in his study of Leonardo. The writing is clear and personal, and by the end of the book, one feels a partner in discovery, not only of the life and work of Leonardo, but of the author as well. The pure joy in sharing with the author each facet of Leonardo's genius creates a sense of fulfillment and appreciation rarely experienced from reading a book.
  • Can we all be Leonardos?

    By Jos van Dorresteijn
    Walter Isaacson, who already wrote compelling biographies of great people like Benjamin Franklin, Henry Kissinger, and Steve Jobs, has done it again. In this new book he follows Leonardo da Vinci (who we should actually call ‘de Firenze’; the Florentine, Isaacson tells us) from his birth in Vinci near Florence till his death in Amboise in France. And what a life it has been. Isaacson shows us that Leonardo’s achievements were only partly due to his genius. As a matter of fact, just because Leonardo was such a perfectionist, he failed to finish many of his projects. And many of his ideas never went further than the stage of a conceptual sketch it study in his many notebooks. But the ones that did became some of the greatest works in history. Isaacson not only focuses on Leonardo’s paintings and sketches - many of which are printed in this edition - but also on his inventions and experiments. He shows is that Leonardo truly was one of the first modern men. And he lived in the cradle of the Renaissance, surrounded by many others who rethought, remade, and shaped the world as we know it today. The author finishes with a chapter on what - and how - we can learn from Leonardo. It is a long list, but all items have been tested since and are worth following. Do read this book, it’s worth it. And do not forget the epilogue about the woodpecker’s tongue. It is as intriguing as Leonardo’s life. And yours, if you let it be.
  • Great Audiobook but wheres the PDF?

    By Cmemd
    I love all of this author’s work and this publication is no exception. BUT I cannot figure out how to get the accompanying PDF which is very important for the particular book becuase they keep referring to it. Someone please tell me how to get it!!
  • Great biography!

    By cloudperson
    Great biography
  • The book is a work of genius!

    By usingfromjersey
    The book is an absolute work of genius in writing, style, depth, and scope. Leonardo Da Vinci is one of mankind’s most curious individuals and that curiosity manifested in the culmination of incredible works of both art and science. In fact, this book and the lessons of Leonardo could and probably should be considered required reading for anyone working in, or curious about art and or science. Walter Isaacson has given us a treasure that will surely be read for many years to come, for in this book are the secrets that Leonardo himself uncovered about our world and about ourselves!
  • Good read

    By wgold147
    Another great biography by WI.
  • Incredible book

    By Handakina
    Isaacson is the Master biographer. Another incredible book. Substantial referencing throughout, along with sharing the opinions of other researchers. One can tell that the Author was really captivated by DiVinci “the man” as well as DiVinci “the scientist-artist”.
  • College textbook style

    By Longhorn5555
    Not written from Da Vinci’s perspective... reads like a college art history textbook... very dry... interesting, but dry...

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