Swipe Right - Levi Lusko

Swipe Right

By Levi Lusko

  • Release Date: 2017-02-21
  • Genre: Christianity
  • Book: Swipe Right
Swipe Right book review score

5 Score: 5 (From 75 Ratings)

Swipe Right Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Swipe Right is a great book. Our editors rated it with a top 5 stars.

User reviews about the book

  • Life changing!

    By Jodeci Markout
  • Just amazing.

    By Ykdkd
    I know in my heart that this will be the catalyst to my future marriage. I’m so thankful that I was able to read this book. I’m anything but a book reader, and I want hundred percent prefer movies, but this book really spoke to me. I feel as if I’ve changed on the inside and seem to see relationships a lot different now. Thank you Levi!
  • Excellent

    By Swagonizzle
    Refreshing perspective for millennials seeking to get closer to God in the most challenging times in history. Click on this book instead of the private browser. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Dopeness!

    By Pastah Z
    Such a good book!
  • Experience

    By SophiDophi
    This is my first leisure book I have ever read since 5th grade. I am in total shock of how profound and powerful this book is. I will forever have every word in my heart and hope to live out all the truths that were brought out. Thank you Levi Lusko for sharing what God has put in your heart. Although you may never get to know me, you are changing my life! God bless and may there be many more books!
  • This Book is incredible

    By Figgy36
    This book has son many points that needed to be made. It is hard striving to live a life for Christ in a society that's all about sex. No matter who you are you need to get this book! So timely and needed. Loved it so much I'm gonna go buy a physical copy now an read it again!
  • Powerful!

    By -joelo-
    Heard Pastor Levi speak on the subject a week before the book launched at Church by the Glades and the sermon blew my mind so much I had to buy the book. I recommend this book to you whether you're single, dating, married, divorced, whatever! It may also cause pineapple cravings, so be aware.
  • Swipe Right: The Life-and-Death Power of Sex and Romance

    By Zapppped
    Every Christian needs to read this book. If you really want to do the will of God ( 1 Thessalonians 4:3), this book will propel you on your journey. And it's never about "doing things for God," but about experiencing and enjoying God's blessings.
  • Candid

    By JIMart777
    I appreciate the raw, relevant, and contextualized writing that Pastor Lusko presents. It is real, and fun to read. It is also teaming with biblical truth that will change your life.
  • Truthful

    By LaneyLegz
    Every age should read this book. Understand that in our sex saturated culture you can be different & not give in

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