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User reviews about the book

  • Zzzzzzzz

    By NateDogg757
    The plot was admittedly boring. I was hoping for more even halfway thru, but it continued to disappoint and I was beyond the point of no return. I love Grisham, but I consider this a sunk cost.
  • The Whistler

    By Grippy Granny
    The worst Grisham book yet.
  • Borrrring

    By BonnieBrannon
    Utterly dreadful. Blithering on and on and on - no character development, and not a Single character who was remotely appealing in Any way. No plot, no point. Just a DREADFUL waste of time - would crawl on ground glass for a refund. sheesh.
  • The whistler

    By Dnlhmurray
    I hope this was a ghost writer because if it’s not it’s the worst Grisham I’ve read and he’s lost his fastball. Hard to slog through it.
  • Most exciting Grisham book in years!

    By kjg4770
    I have read every John Grisham legal novel and this one takes me back to the early days of The Firm and The Pelican Brief. Excellent read!
  • Kinda looking for more

    By super daved
    Story was deep and interesting but lacked the big payoff.
  • The WORST

    By kernel billy bob
    The worst writing by John Grisham . Complete waste of money and time invested.
  • It almost tries too hard

    By rokinrev
    [I received this paperback in a GoodReads win,and voluntarily reviewed it. Because I won it, it will not list as a verified purchase] "Beautiful.'It's called intimidation Clyde. That's the name of the game and that's how I run things.'" Lacy Stolz works for the Florida Board of Judicial Conduct, and she's really good at her job. She and her co worker have a case that could have the potential to rock the Florida Court System off its pedestal. Not only was there a corrupt judge, but the "Coast Mafia" and the Tappacola Indian Tribe are mixed up in a case with far reaching connections. And when her car gets totaled, her partner gets killed and she almost loses her life, she is determined to see this case through to it's end. To my thinking, John Grisham and thriller go together. In my opinion,The Firm, was my introduction to crime fiction as I rapidly devoured each of his books ( A Time to Kill is still my favorite) until, one day, I just stopped. He kept cranking them out, but the got a bit too cerebral and formulaic, like he was a professor sharing just too much information. All this to say this is my first Grisham book in a while. I think it was a bit too long with too many plot points. I did love the character Lacy Stoltz and I wanted to drop her brother off the side of a cliff. I do recommend it for its contemporary use of known news and speculation. However, it almost tries to hard.
  • Enjoyed this writing

    By MontanaSue
    This was an exceptional read. Was into this from the beginning. Will look forward to the next!
  • Another Grisham Masterpiece

    By Krf31
    Great read! Thoroughly absorbing.

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